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Anonymous asked What would be some advice you'd give to a person starting university next year (me)?


  • don’t rush to declare your major (unless you have to for your uni) even then don’t make up your mind, take classes you wouldn’t take normally/wouldn’t be interested in. You’ll be surprised to find out how much of the work actually connects to your interests. I’ve taken classes on environmental studies/philosophy of mind/world music as a Lit. major and those classes still inform my way of thinking. 
  • develop relationships with profs you think will be helpful in guiding you. though don’t stress out about this too much. 
  • join couple of orgs. make your own org! organize events! it’s so fun doing this stuff, even if not a lot of people are involved, invite the community, open the doors to everyone, esp. high school students who are often looking to experience college life. etc. 
  • read all the course catalogs the fine print. no one is going to walk you through all of it, guide yourself.
  • apply to all the grants fellowships etc. it doesn’t hurt to get a no, and there is a lot of money there for you to do research etc, you just gotta look for it.
  • think about your self/your intellectual growth, take classes you think will help you be a better thinker/better person/better activist/writer. don’t just focus on your major/area of study. 
  • don’t stay in your lane. i’m literally involved with four departments and i love it. lots of opportunities all around. 
  • "college life" partying etc. is a fad for freshmen, you can enjoy yourself but don’t be one of those people who can’t detach themselves form the social scene/thus can’t focus on academics. find a balance. 
  • know the counseling services/the costs/the method. you never know when/if you’ll need to hit them up. 
  • crying is healthy, don’t be afraid to cry. 
  • find the positive in classes/courses that are mandatory but not the best. just go with it. 
  • work on your writing, no matter what you study, go to the writing center talk to professors during office hours. work on your prose.
  • professional communication is a must. 

that’s all i could think of rn..

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it’s not your job to entertain him by sending him nudes

it’s not your job to satisfy him sexually because he’s horny

you are not required to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you don’t want to do

don’t be scared of “loosing him”

he most likely wasn’t anything worth keeping

Girls need to be taught this from such an early age.


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Anywhere you go is the place I’ll call my home
Painting welcome signs and growing flowers in the lawn
Eating junk and watching trash til the break of the dawn
A gentleman you are, always take me on long walks

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