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seventeen year old virgo chicana who loves dancing ballet, swans and agua de jamaica :)

mras white supremacists and porn blogs will be blocked.

those high waisted jeans with the three or more buttons are so tacky imo

i own the bic for her pens lmaooooo

radfems are so ugly and unnecesary tbhhhh


Woah, hold on there, huevos rancheros.
Uhhm…what are you doing? O sea what the hell.. Did you really think that by messaging me, calling me a bitch, I’d suddenly change my mind? I’m chicana because I’ve struggled in this brown female body from birth. You don’t know my struggle, you couldn’t possibly understand the struggle of what its like to be born a female, especially a Latina female in the united states.
You are not one of me. You are not a chicana. You are not my sister. You can call yourself a fucking ficus for all I care, but you’re no female. At the end of the day you’re a violent, spiteful, misogynistic, entitled man. You are literal poison to my community and our efforts towards progress. Contrary to what you think (not that i care about changing your deluded mind) I do care about the safety of trans women. But I also care about the safety of my fellow females. But if you wanna talk statistics, man, more women are killed every month than trans women even EXIST. Why don’t you look into it between circle jerk sessions?
Maldito cobarde, go be a violent man somewhere else y ya no me jodas.

literally this is so embarrassing and ugly of you its way harder to be a trans latina than cis latina (speaking from experience and seeing what trans girls of color have to go through just on an everyday basis vs what ive had to experience) its pathetic that you would belittle the struggles they face. and also fileformat is the prettiest hermana on this website so! you look petty :)

The Body as Braille


He tells me “your back
is so beautiful.” He traces
my spine with his hand.

I’m burning like the white ring
around the moon. “A witch’s moon,”
dijo mi abuela. The schools call it

"a reflection of ice crystals."
It’s a storm brewing in the cauldron
of the sky. I’m in love

but won’t tell him
if it’s omens
or ice.

by Lorna Dee Cervantes


stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love

(via frizzyangel2004)

im so tired of living with an eating disorder and having to fight the urge to throw up after eating, or to not feel terrible for feeding myself, or to fight off the urge to stop eating recovery is exhausting and awful and i hate being fat so so much i feel like the ugliest most weirdly proportioned fat freak 

25 things I wish I realized in high school


1. weed is actually a bad idea
2. stay away from boys
3. grades do matter
4. that’s it
5. that’s all I got

stats makes me feel so smart because its easy as heck!!!!