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seventeen year old virgo chicana who loves dancing ballet, swans and agua de jamaica :)

mras white supremacists and porn blogs will be blocked.

its so crazy because i want to make young brown girls feel good about themselves, to never feel like theyre not as pretty or to be ashamed of their language or anything and to be happy and proud of themselves but i still feel ashamed of myself and ive still internalized so much of that hatred :(

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wimbledon || rich white ladies

do it the right way
we don’t play for fun

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Anonymous asked you're not ugly. i love you.

i love you too <3 thank you so much im working really hard on myself i promise im just having a really difficult time right now.

the colors in this make me really happy

i loved your crooked sleep beside me and never dreamed afraid.

i think being the ugliest fattest girl in my grade like as a teenager in middle school really fucked me up emotionally for the rest of my life lol